Saturday, December 26, 2009

December Three or How To Cook a New Year's Eve Non-Stop-House-Party


·Preheat the place to 22ºC
·Bring alcohol out
·Place people homogeneously
-Press play at twelve o'clock.
·Turn-on the speakers at full blast, high volume it's necessary.
·Mix it well
·Bake 6h or until people are knock out.

* On top form, nice-looking, in the mood for dance, drinking problems
** Friend's big house, never ever your home. You can use a pub or dive if the house missing.
*** A lot of
**** Vincent's New Year's Eve Non-Stop-House-Party Playlist

Link: New Year's Eve Non-Stop-House-Party


  1. Un placer darse un paseo por este lugar Enhorabuena chicos!!^^