Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Two

Screw it - Jools Blands

Boy, boy - this is gonna be a very short party... but if you get drunk fast, you may have some fun. Or maybe not, but the music is terrific. That's the spirit, man. I promise, no kiddin'. Anyway, I don't care. Fuck Off. Yeah. No more booze, already? Shit. I guess it's all over [Now it's when you don't remember falling asleep in this stinky floor] // Túúúúúú - esta va a ser una fiesta muy corta... aunque si te pillas el pedo rápido, tal vez te diviertas.O a lo mejor no, pero la musica es cojonuda. Ese es el espíritu, tío. Te lo juro, no bromeo. De todos modos, me da igual. Que le jodan. Sí. ¿Y no queda priva? Mierda. Me imagino que ya está todo terminado. [Ahora es cuando no recuerdas cómo te quedaste dormido en este suelo pegajoso]

1. Lips - Micachu and The Shapes - 1:20
2. I'll Always Love Her - The Sonics - 2:49
3. Superlungs - Sic Alps - 2:48
4. They Might Follow Us - Tiny Vipers - 3:30
5. Rockin' Bones - The Cramps - 2:49
6. Big Bad Man - Scout Niblett - 1:58
7. Take My Heart - Black Lips - 2:48
8. Halfrabbit Halfdog - Deerhoof - 2:32
9. Call & Respond - Times New Viking - 2:37
10. Bunk Trunk Skunk - be your own PET - 1:29
11. Let's Talk About It - White Denim - 3:53
12. The Monster Mash - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - 2:59

April Two - We Went To This Place And, You Know, There Was A Small Party Going On And People Dancing Everywhere, So We Wanted To Dance Too

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  1. por casualidades de la vida, hace menos de media hora estaba escuchando Lips Micachu and the Shapes.
    Viva spotify